Mfg. of Roll Forming Lines, Slitting Lines & Cut to Length Lines

Cut to Length

Cut to Length

We have design exclusive line to cater customer requirement from various field like Rolling Mills, Steel Processing Centers Customers who installed line for their own products.

Coil processing lines are automated with latest AC Flux Controlled Variable Drivers, AC Servo Drivers DC Drivers, PLC & Best Quality switch gears. User Friendly operator pendant with HMI or Touch Screen are programed & installed to customize each line requirement.

Various components are included in cut to length machines like coil car, decoiler entry support device, width adjustor device, Straightening machine, gauge table, Shearing machine, run out table, pneumatic discharge and stacker device, unloading table, pneumatic system, Electrical system with computer PLC program control, Hydraulic system etc. 

Wider Width Lines

Coil Width: 1000mm 1250mm | 1650mm 1800mm | 2100mm

Coil Thickness: 0.4mm to 3mm (CR Lines) 3mm to 20mm (HR Lines)

Coil Weight: 3Ton-28Ton

Material being processed on our designed cut to length line
  • Hot Rolled Mild Steel Coils
  • Cold Rolled Mild Coils
  • Stainless Steel Coils
  • Brass/Copper Coils
  • CRGO/CRNGO Coils
    (Miter cutting lines for transformer industries)