Mfg. of Roll Forming Lines, Slitting Lines & Cut to Length Lines

  Jupiter Rollform Machines Pvt. Ltd. (JRFPL)

Why Roll Forming?

Roll forming brings profound significance to this planet. There are a variety of roll forming applications where the innovation of roll forming technology saves drastically human labours, peoples' extensive demands to natural resources and greatly improves human's productivity.

As time moves on, technological innovations are something that has changed the world in all means. Since the 1st Industrial Revolution, any new technological innovation in any field always gives something this world really expects.

In this world of modern business aspects, high precision and quality is an important thing. When it comes to industries that are metal-based, roll forming machine equipment has become an integral part. Most of time roll forming solution is the best choice in the metal-related industries due to the quality of products manufactured from the roll former.

Thanks to automation or continuous running, a roll forming machine cannot only provides high-quality products but also decreases the human labour, time and increases the profit of business. Compared to regular metal fabrication equipment, like sheet metal press brake, metal sheet shearing machine, press machine, and straightening machine etc, a roll former line usually can do all the jobs, like bending, cutting, pressing for holes, straightening and even stacking.

Roll Forming Advantages

  • Flexibility in Design/Engineering

    Flexibility in Design/Engineering

    Gives the engineers & planner enough flexibility to create unique easy life & reusable structures

  • Environmental Friendly

    Environmental Friendly

    Due to Current technology ZERO Emissions ZERO Carbon 100% Non-Polluting, Reusable, Recyclable

  • Reliable Strength

    Reliable Strength

    Long Life Structures, No uncertain axle due to uniform distribution of material around its axle

  • Less Wastage of Materials

    Less Wastage of Materials

    Cold Roll Forming Provide cut to length sizes to avoid any wastage of materials

  • Authentically Satisfactory

    Authentically Satisfactory

    Continues Profile of Cold Forming enhances the aesthetic appeal of the structures

  • Easy to Install

    Easy to Install

    Use of Conventional bolting system makes the installation easier

  • No Need to Paint

    No Need to Paint

    Forming on Pre Printed or Pre Galvanized Materials, which reduce Cost & Time

  • Less Consumption of Steel

    Less Consumption of Steel

    Due to make customize section reduce the weight of overall project consumption and increase production ratio

  • Ease of Production

    Ease of Production

    Due to make Online multi operational like, punching, embossing, forming, cutting reduce production cycle, In less time more production happen.

  • Low Project Cost

    Low Project Cost

    Due to easy Installation, Automation, Replacement, Low manpower and transportation saves overall project cost and also, Increase business profitability