Mfg. of Roll Forming Lines, Slitting Lines & Cut to Length Lines

  Jupiter Rollform Machines Pvt. Ltd. (JRFPL)

What is Roll Forming?

It's the process of gradually bending a flat strip or coil of metal into a longitudinal, uniform profile. To get the desired shape, the operator passes the work pieces through a series of mated tool dies.

Roll forming is a flexible and cost-effective process for shaping metal into custom cross-section profiles. Often called "cold roll forming," because the metal is shaped in its hardened state, roll forming is used across a wide range of industries to produce parts and components for everything from metal forming in construction to automobiles to appliances to aeroplanes and houses.

Roll forming is a cold forming process that doesn't require heating up the metal. Hightemperature, specialized equipment isn't necessary to produce cold rolled shapes.

The benefits of roll forming are nearly endless. With no length restraints, the manufacturing possibilities also increase. Moreover, the process is quick, making it more affordable. Lastly, the process is also compatible with most types of materials, making it a reasonably precise solution to your manufacturing needs

Roll forming has become the first choice for the manufacture of metal related products due to the high quality, exacting tolerances, rapid production, dimensional accuracy, and lower cost. 

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